tisdag 7 juni 2011

The Sun Makes Shawls Grow Faster

The few plants that grow in my only flower bed are wilting already. But it seems as if the sun has a good effect on knitted shawls. I finished two over the weekend.

The first one was Grace:

Grace is designed by my friend Heléne Wallin, and you can download this pattern on ravelry.

It has beads all over and I decided to make a beaded picot edging too – that took forever to knit. But it was definitely worth it. This is such a lovely shawl and I can see myself wearing it a lot with my pink and green tartan coat.

If you look closely at the sea in the background you can see my father-in-law and my two kids taking the dingy for a trial run.

The next shawl that I finished was my friend Wendy´s Summer Mystery shawlette.
I made it in thinner yarn so it is quite small, but it is very pretty.

It will look a lot better once it´s blocked. Just look at the edging – it´s so cute!

I have a lovely godchild who graduates on Friday and now I´m contemplating giving this shawl to her.

It would be hard to part from it because I like it so much, but I think the colours would suit her and it is a design made for a beautiful, young girl – don´t you think?

Besides, I´ve already started on another pink project, but this time it is a cowl. And my own "design".

I don´t know how many times I have written "join in a circle, being careful not to twist the stitches" in one of my patterns..

This bundle of joy is almost 500 stitches and you´d think that I would make really sure I hadn´t twisted the first row before I started knitting. But, no. I didn´t. Sometimes I think that I knit to stay humble. And that "staying-humble" part of knitting is going really well!

Thank you once again for all the kind comments about the baby blanket and my niece Hilma. She is such a sweetheart and I look forward to knitting many things for her in the future.

And next time I will show more photos from my weekend in Dala-Floda.

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  1. One of my theories is that with that many stitches, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. It's not possible to be sure until it is fine, or too late.