måndag 6 juni 2011

Hilma´s Blanket

Thank you for all the kind comments about my beautiful niece Hilma and her new blanket!

It probably took me about a month to knit.
I made up some of the animals myself and some come from old embroidery pattern booklets.

The yarn that I´ve used is my favourite – Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids – that sadly has been discontinued.

The blanket gave me an excuse to hoard buy some more of this nearly extinct yarn – from knitters on Ravelry. Now I really must have the biggest CTH stash in all of Scandinavia!

The first two rows were easy to pick: dogs and cats.

And I love owls and squirrels.

The penguins are from an old  embroidery booklet. And those litte mice are of course – gerbils.

Everyone in Sweden old enough to remember the 1970´s will recongnize the koala.
Yes, it is the same koala that Ingemar Stenmark had on his hat. Though I´ve changed the koala slightly and added tufts of hair on the ears, for instance. The koala is my own personal favourite.

The cute goat is also from an old embroidery booklet.

But cutest of all is of course Hilma with her blanket.

Photo taken by Hilma´s father Per, who is a professional photograhper.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Ved siden av Hilma likte jeg pingvinene best. Og den vakre kanten :D
    Det er utrolig effektfullt å bruke svart som bakgrunn, figurene kommer så godt fram. Håper dette blir et arvestykke. Tantearvestykke :D

  2. Åh va kul att få se hela filten och detaljstudierna. Tack! Så fantastiskt fina djurfigurer. Synd att ditt favoritgarn inte ska tillverkas längre. Och ja, jag håller med dig; Allra finast är förstås din lilla systerdotter.

  3. Vilken söt flicka!
    Hon har tur att ha snälla moster som stickar så fina filt åt henne :)

  4. Oh my gosh that is the most adorable blanket!! My kids would love it now with all those animals on it (and they are 4 and 6)!

  5. This is just beautiful! And only a month to knit? sigh...but would be so worth my slow knitting.

  6. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  7. Kanonfint! Jag gillar ekorrarna och gerbilerna bäst. Bland djuren alltså. :)

  8. Lovely! I was googling around for fair isle animal patterns and found your site. Did you double knit the blanket -- or fair isle? Is the back of the blanket all stranded? Did you sew a backing onto it? Just curious how a fair isle blanket would hold up. I think I will steal your cat and dog pattern for a wee hat!

  9. Hi Stacy! It´s not double knit, but stranded. I did sew a backing onto it. I´ve actually made a hat pattern with the dogs and a hat pattern with the cats actually, but they have not been translated into English yet.