lördag 11 juni 2011

Happy Holidays!

I´ve just returned from Småland and my bright and beautiful god daughter´s graduation. 

This is Linn in the Summer Mystery Shawlette that I finished last week. It´s the perfect size to bring if you are going travelling like Linn is planning to do in the autumn.

Linn partied until 4 this morning and still manages to look this fresh faced today. That´s 18 for you.
Linn´s mum and I stayed up talking until midnight and I am not going to show you what I look like today. Even though I slept two hours on the train home I feel like the 45-year-old wreck that I am.

Since the first part of my summer holidays have already started I have spent all evening packing stuff to take to the cottage in the archepelago where my son and I will spend the week, just the two of us (while husband is still working).

So far I´ve packed one fair isle sweater that need sleeves.
One hat that I started knitting on the train going home from Småland.
One lace cowl with only five rows done.
Yarn for one mohair shawl, just in case I get bored and need something new to knit.

I hope this will last me all week. And that I have something to show when I return.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Har du laget denne, Johanne? Den er nydelig! Du har ikke hørt fra meg på en stund, men det har vært travelt og jeg har hatt andre ting å gjøre. Jeg har så mange oppskrifter og garnet tar all plass i huset. Produktene kommer nok fram etter hvert! Jeg så et sted at ditt navn ble nevnt når det gjaldt strikkedesign. Det likte jeg!

  2. Oj, oj vilket broderi. Helt fantastiskt!