söndag 10 november 2013

Sew Much Fun!

The Sewing (and Knitting) Festival was great. And exhausting. So many visitors, lots of yarn. Old friends and new.

I was trying to teach the brioche knitting technique (tvåfärgad patentstickning). It was fairly successful.
Most came away with a small, finished swatch.

Because it was a bit draughty in the big exhibition hall I wore my Britta cowl the whole time.

I didn´t have much time to do any shopping myself, but I spotted a lot of people carrying around this cool bag:

No need to ask what it contained. The bag came from Opalgarn. 

But something really cool happened to me at the fair. I met my predecessor at the magazine where I work.

Maybe I haven´t mentioned this before, but I work for a weekly magaizine for ladies. I used to be a reporter, but last year I got a new job. I am now responsible for picking all the knitting and sewing patterns that we publish, as well as the embroidery. I used to love my job, but now I really love my job!

And this year at the fair I met Ulrika Andersson. She was there to give workshops about a very  old, special and unique crochet technique. She had worked at my magazine from 1969 to 1979.

It was great to talk to Ulrika. In some ways it doesn´t seem as if the job hasn´t changed that much.

After a weekend of resting I have now translated the pattern for the Britta cowl into English– with a lot of help from my friend Wendy. Thanks, Wendy!

The pattern is available in English on Ravelry and if you prefer to have a printed copy in Swedish you can get it from Nysta.

onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Hope is the Last Thing...

This post could also have the headline "Better Late Than Never" or "Long Time No See".

Oh well.

But guess what?

I have finally – finally! – written up the pattern for the Britta cowl.

So far I have only written it in Swedish, but there will be an English version. Soonish. I had better not promise too much. 

This weekend you will be able to find both the Britta cowl and the pattern at Syfestivalen in Stockholm. I will be there too, giving workshops as usual. You will find me at booth B0729.

This time I am going to talk about colours, how colours behave – and misbehave.  And there will be brioche knitting (patentstickning) in many colours to be tried. Do come by and say hello!