lördag 30 april 2011

Early Arrival

I´ve found the missing photo of the sleeve for the Dragon sweater, from when it was half way done.

The yarn is from Östergötlands ullspinneri and dyed especially for the Dragon sweater by Ann at Anntorps Väv.

But this knitting was interrupted quite suddenly by a small surprise – only 50 centimeters and 3,3 kilos.

The small surprise – now named Siri – is the daughter of my friend Erika.
She arrived three weeks early so of course I was under the delusion that I had plenty of time to knit a little something.

When I got the news that it was a girl I hotfooted it over to my yarn stash and dug out some lovely apricot coloured wool and started knitting a little cardigan. I used an old pattern from the 1950´s – simple but pretty stylish. And a very quick knit – it took me under a week to finish.

You knit back and forth in garter stitch and when it´s done there is only one small hole under each sleeve that needs sewing together.

Brilliant – in my humble opinion.

I hope baby Siri will be happy with the cardigan. 

torsdag 28 april 2011

A New Beginning

Yes, I´m cheating on my old blog with a new blog.

Due to lack of imagination I´m calling my new blog Born to Knit, too. Why change a winning concept? Not that my concept was winning... I haven´t been able to access my old blog for about six weeks I think.

Typepad 1 – Johanne 0. So to speak.

In the meantime I´ve nearly finished a new dragon sweater for Ludvig.

This is when I was half way done with the body some time ago.

And this is the nearly finished dragon. It´s all done now, but I haven´t taken a photo.
Or I may have taken a photo and forgotten where it might be (probably still in the camera.

There is a sleeve somewhere, too. But the second sleeve still needs to be done.

Because of the sunny and warm weather (well, you have to blame something) there is a great risk that this sweater won´t be finished now. It might end up in the basket with all the other nearly finished things.

I´m congratulating myself for my foresight to make the sleeves extra long. Ludvig will no doubt grow a lot over the summer and it would be extremely annoying if he´d already outgrown the new dragon sweater before it was even finished.