söndag 13 maj 2012

Cardigan in Action

This is my niece in her new Hound cardigan and matching hat. Exploring the world.

Examining a small leaf.

I just love her big cheeks!

In only two weeks time she will turn 1.
So, eh – what am I doing sitting here writing a blog post?  
I need to go and cast on for her birthday present.

P.S. That French beret thing in the last blog post got frogged and now I´m re-working the top part. C'est la vie!

söndag 6 maj 2012

With a Little Help From My Friends

After our long weekend in Paris in the beginning of March I have been obsessing about knitting a kind of French beret. And then we went to the cinema and saw the film Hugo Cabret – that showcases an admirable collection of lovely knitted pieces.

So I went home and started working on something that now is a rather odd looking mess of a hat. It is a crossbreed between a French beret and a Scottish tam. Or something.

Eiffel tower included for atmosphere.

But I have to confess that I am not completely happy about how the top bit looks. Should I rip or should I leave it as it is?

I am VERY pernickety so chances are that I will have to try and improve it in some way. But I would nevertheless appreciate some good advice.

While I have been considering what to do about the beret I´ve knit yet another little baby hat. It´s not for my niece this time, but for six-weeks-old Ebba – whose mother loves cats.

But I wasn´t happy with the top of this hat either to start with so it has also suffered a bit of a remake.

Somtimes I think that the knitting process involves a disproportionate amount of swearing and gritting of teeth. 

But once something is finished I´m quite happy to let bygones be bygones and I tell myself that it was a one off. Next time it will all be smooth sailing...

tisdag 1 maj 2012

A Cardigan and Two Hats

My niece´s cardigan with hounds, hearts and paw prints is finally finished. It is a little big for her, which is a good thing. She actually came along to the button shop and helped me pick out the buttons. 

She really enjoyed being in the button shop and we managed to pick out suitable buttons.

My sister has promised to send me a photo of my niece in the cardigan, but of course it´s now rather warm so maybe she won´t be wearing it much.

Since I had some yarn left over she also got a matching hat.

Of course she might not be wearing the wooly dog hat much either in the spring and summer season.

So I made her a spring and summer hat in cotton instead – and without dogs.

The colours made me think of ice cream while knitting it.

Or maybe of cherry trees in full bloom.