tisdag 6 november 2012

I Solemnly Swear...

I suspect that we all have our UFO´s. And some of us have more than others. I know that I have my fair share.

But I´m still in a severe state of shock after checking on Ravelry when exactly I started knitting this sweater:

 It was in November almost exactly four years ago.
I would have guessed two or possibly three years – but four!

There were a few problems with the design and that is what made me abandon the poor thing.

Firstly, it was the bottom edge. It kept curling. So I unpicked the bottom row, picked up stitches along the edge and knit a facing that was folded up and sewn into place.
The new picot egde looks a lot neater and it solved the problem with the curling.

Secondly, I had knit one sleeve and had used it as a kind of swatch so the colours were all over the place. 

It also had a problem with curling, so I decided to knit a new sleeve and make the edge in the same way with a facing that could be folded up and sewn into place.

One sleeve is finished and the second sleeve is half done. This photo was taken a little while ago.

Now I only have to figure out how to knit the neck band.
But  I solemnly swear that this sweater shall be finished before the end of this year.
You will be my witnesses.

9 kommentarer:

  1. It's really beautiful! Or it will be very soon. I had trouble with a curling bottom too and undid the border, made a new one, and it still was a little curly. Blocking did away with that, but I like your method better. It seems like the one really sure way to deal with those pesky curls.

  2. It's gorgeous - you must finish!!!

  3. Så fine farger, og mønster :O)

  4. Very nice changes. I think you are rigth that the picot edge is just perfect for that sweater.
    Good progress. I think you'll be finished very soon!

  5. This sweater is so pretty! I can't wait to see it finished!

  6. This must be the most amazing design I have ever seen!! I have been following the progress of this jumper since the first "born to knit" blog (the one on typepad) and I have a picture of the pattern that I look at most nights before falling asleep, dreaming that one day I too will be able to knit something so fabulous (in my dreams, indeed).
    Please please please, put together a book together with your designs!!!!

  7. Me oh my! Säger jag bara :-)

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