söndag 5 februari 2012

On Show in the Snow

It´s well below freezing and pretty windy, too. Siberian winter has reached Stockholm and it´s the perfect weather to curl up on the sofa and knit. The Maja hat now has a pair of matching mittens.
Of course it meant that we had to go outside to take a photograph...

Luckily I also had a new hat to model or my ears would have frozen off.

Later on teenage daughter took the mittens and the camera out to play in the snow.

The yarn is my favourite Zauberball and Loopy Ewe Solids in bright green. They work well together.

And for all the members in "Friends of the Thumb Gusset" here is a close up of the thumb gusset. Enjoy!

Last weekend something happened that I never thought would actually happen. I finished my first mitten made in the twined knitting technique!

After washing and blocking the mitten softened and even stretched enough to fit my rather wide hand.That was lucky because  I had been worrying a lot about it being too narrow.

By the time I started knitting the thumb I had grown confident enough to risk making a simple pattern. And that is when I actually started enjoying the two end-knitting technique. Which feels like something of a miracle given how much I disliked it at first – but only because it made me feel like all thumbs.

Now I have started the second mitten. The first one took two years, but by now I think I have the speed up so I probably knit twice as fast.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Ååå vilka fina vantar och tjusig mössa!! Är det Åssekatter på mössan? Snygg färgkombination med grönt och rosa på vantarna tycker jag. Fotografen ska också ha beröm, ser riktigt proffsigt ut!

  2. Oj! Så många fina mönster på både vantar och mössor! Fantastiskt fint du gör! / Annika

  3. Det er liksom riktigere å se votte og lue-modeller i snø. Særlig i et vakkert snøkledd Stockholm :) Nydelige votter, Johanne. Igjen.

  4. Jag gillar katt-mössan! När kommer mönstret?

    1. Tack, Monica. Mönstret är tänkt att bli klart till Syfestivalen nu i februari. Det är bra att ha en deadline!

    2. Perfekt, då ska jag hålla ögonen öppna!