måndag 7 november 2011

The Best Thing About Syfestivalen

Last weekend I was at Syfestivalen, the Handcraft Fair in Stockholm and preached about knitting gave work shops.

I think I might have said it before but the best thing about giving work shops at Syfestivalen is to be able to drone on and on about knitting – and yet no one you talk to get that glazed look in their eyes and start searching for ways to escape.

Instead people lean in closer in order to hear better. Ladies having fun can be pretty loud and I´m still pretty hoarse after trying to make myself heard above the crowd. It was busier than ever. But I really enjoyed meeting old friends and making nice new acquaintancies.

Last year I talked about how to make your own knitting patterns. This time I shared my best knitting tips – like using circular needles for knitting everything.

Here I am demonstrating how to use two circular needles instead of five dpns and I do take my mission seriously.

People could sit down and try knitting with two colours.

And people did.

I had a helper –  my daughter Elise. While I was busy talking and knitting she took the opportunity to play with my camera. This is a close up of my Britta hat – one of the most popular designs at the fair.

Frequently asked questions were did you really make all these? and are these machine knits? 
The answers are yes and no.

See you again next year I hope!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, I LOVE that black and white snowflake hat in the third picture! Is there a pattern available?

  2. Skulle gjerne vært og tatt en nærmere titt på alle luene og vottene dine :-)

  3. Quite an honour to have our Sticka.org table next to yours and..what do you know...I'm in one of the pictures!

  4. Looks amazing! All those beautiful colours..

  5. Oj, vilken stickfest! Det ser verkligen härligt ut med alla dina färggranna vantar och mössor och alla hänförda människor runt omkring!

  6. Vilket härligt bord du har. Lite nyfiken blir jag på spegeln. Varför sticka framför en spegel?

  7. Sanna, spegeln var till för att man skulle kunna prova mössorna och se hur man såg ut.