onsdag 13 juli 2011

Unexpected Things to be Thankful for

That´s definitely a headline that would make me go bleurgh! If I hadn´t written it myself.
But the truth is that this week I´m very greatful that I still have my day job – believe it or not. 
Because my knitting seems to have reached a dead end.

I haven´t even bothered taking photos of all the knitting projects that have gone wrong lately.

For instance, I started a second sleeve that became a LOT bigger than the first sleeve. I ripped and started again. And the same thing happened again

I´ve also come to the conclusion that I picked the wrong yarn for the lace cowl that I started knitting a little while ago – after casting on about 500 stitches and knitting one pattern repeat of 20 odd rows.
So that is a gonner, too.

So last night I decided to knit something completely different and cast on for a cable cardigan in some old Rowan denim that I´ve had in my stash for ages. After five rows it still seems fine – but I´m holding my breath.

Before my knitting became a sworn enemy I did manage to finish two hats though. And last weekend on Edö I even managed to take some photos.

I have made a new version of my Maja hat in yarn from Östergötlands ullspinneri. I think that Ann at Anntorps Väv dyed these colours especially for me some time ago.

The yarn from Östergötlands ullspinneri is quite a lot thicker than the original yarn that I used for the Maja hat and I had to change the pattern quite a lot – or the hat would have become enormous. The re-designed pattern will be available at Anntorps Väv.

And I´m glad that I managed to finish a new hat before all my troubles started.
It´s a hat that matches my Märta mittens.

I think the Märta hat will become one of my favourites the coming winter.
It has a different shape compared to my other hats.

And I think that it looks slightly old fashioned. But as a friend pointed out - most of my designs look slightly old fashioned.

It took a whole week of my holidays to make this hat. It took a lot of ripping and re-knitting. 
Yes, life can be pretty tough even when you´re sitting on the jetty in the sun...

9 kommentarer:

  1. Such is life...
    But your hats are beautiful!

  2. Fantastiskt fina, båda två! Kan man hitta mönstren någonstans? :)

  3. Both hats are beautiful, but the reddish one especially. I do so love red.

  4. Maybe that's why I like your designs so much: they're slightly old-fashioned and cozy, but in an updated, beautiful kind of way. :) I just want to knit every hat I see!

    :) Amanda

  5. Tack för i onsdags! Jag har besökt din blogg några gånger och det var jättetrevligt att få träffa dig irl :-)
    Vackra, vackra mössor, båda två!

  6. The red hat is just lovely - some sort of compensation. I'm sure the Knitting Gremlins will leave you soon - if they've not already gone - and annoy someone else...

  7. Will the Marta pattern be available someday soon for purchase? I should love to make one... I too love slightly old fashioned things!

  8. To nydelige luer du har strikket. Så da er det jo pyttsann at du feilet litt med de andre tingene. Du går nok på med friskt mot igjen :-)

  9. Märta vill jag sticka, verkligen fin!