måndag 16 maj 2011

Sneak Peak

I very nearly fainted as I entered the room and saw this – an enormous heap of colour and patterns.

The Dala Floda folk costume is simply stunning. Both the knitting and the embroidery are amazing.
You want proof?

Exhibit 1: Marvellous mittens

Exhibit 2: Knitted sleeves in the twined technique.

The long weekend in Dala Floda was unforgettable. This post is just a first preview – these pictures are all taken with my cell phone camera. I have still to upload the 240 photos from the real camera.

Anna-Karin Jobs Arnberg, who put together and organized all the workshops had thought of everything.

When we walked to the mountain farmstead she brought her violin and played to us.

(Hon är spelman också)

Her best friend Lill-Karin was our guide – a guide with the gift of the gab (as they say in Ireland). I have not laughed so much in years. She is a natural stand up comedian – with a horse as her side kick.

The walk up the hill and the storytelling gave us a real feel for the way the people in Dala Floda used to live – and still do to some extent.

There was quite a view from the top of the hill.

And then we returned to the treasure trove again.

There is lots more to come.

So if you – for some STRANGE reason – are not interested in folkloristic patterns I suggest that you go away now and come back in about a month...

But if you are dying to see what the inside of a knitted sleeve in the twined technique looks like – stay tuned!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Otroligt vackra vantar, stickat/broderat och fin miljö därtill! Förstår att du trodde du hade kommit till himmelriket.

  2. Århundradets textila höjdpunkt har redan inträffat för dej Johanne - tror jag! Vilken glädje att bli presenterad för all denna högtstående kultur.
    Vilken gärning att ha anordnat ett sådant möte!!!

  3. What a wonderful conference it must be. I am envious! The handwork is wonderful, and the landscape with the mountains and clouds looks so refreshing. I would love to be there.

  4. Såååå vackert! Eva Lotta och Karin från Uppsala berättade med stor inlevelse hur bra ni hade haft det!Man skulle varit med!Jag hoppas på att de gör fler omgångar

  5. Wow. I think I fainted at the sight of those mittens. And now I need to see more!

  6. Det ser ut som du haft en bra helg, Johanne! Bättre marknadsförare av natur och kultur kan Dala-Floda knappast få.

  7. Tack!
    Roligt att du uppskattar mina vantar- du har ju lite att jämföra med...
    Har fått massor med inspiration av dina bilder från kursen. Om inte Dalarna låg så långt bort skulle jag gärna åka på något liknande!