tisdag 10 februari 2015

Inga Snöflinga Cowl

I have slowly been knitting on a new cowl. Even though I had promised myself not to make another cowl, because it is so much work. But I love wearing them. So this is the result of two months worth of knitting.

The Inga Snöflinga cowl matches the Inga Snöflinga hat and mittens. It uses up an insane amount of blue background yarn (Zauberball from Schoppelwolle).

Every row on the outside of the cowl has a different snowflake, so it´s impossible to memorize the pattern. But the inside is made up of tiny, identical snowflakes, easy to remember and knit.

These photos were taken by my daughter Elise, who is also the Queen of Photoshop (her words). Though I have to admit that I have never looked this fabulous before. Photoshop is good sh*t.

Och om ni har vägarna förbi Syfestivalen i helgen – kom gärna förbi och säg hej!
Jag finns hos Nysta i monter B10:30.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Gosh, I keep trying to leave a comment and it never goes through. I'll try again.

    Your cowl is gorgeous. It would take me forever to knit, but it would be so worth it. It is simply stunning. I do hope you will offer the pattern for sale at some point. I would love to knit this.

  2. Så himla fin! Och du också!

  3. Vacker - cowlen också !
    Hoppas att vi ses på lördag.

  4. Man blir liksom förstummad , väldigt väldigt fin :) ha det gott , kommer tyvärr inte att kunna åka till Stockholm och syfestivalen men hoppas att ni får det trevligt

  5. Oh boy! What an amazing work!

  6. Hei :) håper den oppskriften snart blir å få kjøpt :)

  7. Too modest ... but it is a great picture. Yes, publish the pattern - your hat on display in the Seattle Heritage Museum needs a cowl !

  8. I love the hat in this pattern. Would you consider selling the downloaded pattern again. Thank you