måndag 19 mars 2012

A Day Off

These days I mostly knit my own designs. But sometimes I like to relax and just enjoy someone else´s work. So when I came upon Maria Näslund´s lovely hat Tulipanaros I decided to order some yarn from Sjöalyckans silke and cast on.

The original hat was made in green that suited the leaf design very well, but I am a sucker for pink and simply couldn´t resist this particular shade (and I didn´t try very hard either to be honest).

 It was such a quick and easy knit. Almost went too fast. I´m so used to having to rip back at least a couple of times – instead it was finished all of a sudden. Isn´t it a beautiful design? Especially from the back.

So this morning I decided that spring is here, put my new hat on and took the bike to work. Big mistake. It was freezing and started to snow. But at least it meant that I had the bike lane almost to myself.

The Tulipanaros hat matches my favourite shawl Grace designed by Heléne Wallin to perfection.
How can you not love a shawl that has both beads and ruffles? Heléne is a genius.

My friend Eva-Karin took this and some of the other photos for this blog post.
Tack för hjälpen, Eva-Karin!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Both hat and shawl are fabulous. The weather here is unpredictable too - snow, and glorious sunshine all within an hour.

  2. For et nydelig sjal!
    (Takk for kommentar - har sendt deg en melding på Ravelry)