tisdag 24 maj 2011

Pretty in Pink

An old bag mature woman nearing 50 should surely not be knitting pink things for herself. She ought to grow up and realize that her pink phase is over.

And if she insists on pretending that she´s still in her 30´s she ought to get a face lift to make it easier for other people to believe that she is still a girl in her prime. Or she will be a walking embarrassment.

Okay, then. A face lift it is. Because I clearly can´t stop myself from buying new pink yarn.

Last week my friend Wendy started a Summer Mystery Shawl knit-along. And for the first time I decided to join in the fun. Wendy makes such lovely lace designs that I am willing to take the plunge, even if I have no idea what the finished shawl will look like.

Come to think of it, this must be pretty good therapy for an old control freak...

I don´t know if there is anything called a stash malfunction – but when I looked through my stash I could not for the life of me find any suitable yarn at all. Weird.

Luckily I live very close to the yarn shop Litet Nystan and I seemed to recall, albeit vaugely, that I´d seen some pretty nice hand dyed lace wool in there last time I visited.

It was this little beauty.

The next part of the pattern won´t be published until Thursday so I had to find something to occupie myself with while waiting.

And lo and behold – look what I found in my heap of UFO:s.

Why yes, it is another pink shawl. I started it last year, but never quite finished it. Because I decided to to do a beaded picot edging and it takes forever. This is how far I had got after a whole weekend´s work.

And I´ve got about a gazillion stitches left to cast off.

The pattern is called Grace (ravelry link) and it´s designed by my friend Heléne, who is also a very talented designer. Grace is a simple, but stylish shawl with beads and a cute ruffle edge.

I thought that I was very clever and traded one of my own patterns for this pattern and I´m very happy with the swap.

Now there is only one more knitted thing that is just ever so slightly pink. It´s a new Britta hat made in wool from Östergötlands ullspinneri.

And if you can´t afford a face lift it works nearly as well if you just grow your fringe until it covers all the wrinkles around the eyes...

4 kommentarer:

  1. From one old bag to another -- you look fabulous!

  2. Pink is for everyone, and looks great on you. Stick with it! Red seems to be my color of choice - at least some form of red, and that would include everything from pink to darkest burgundy.

  3. What's wrong with pink, if I may ask? I love pink.

  4. "Stash malfunction" - vilket bra uttryck, säger precis vad det handlar om :-)